Chen Jinxi,Zhang Ruobing.Green synthetic approaches of coordination polymers[J].Journal of Southeast University (Natural Science Edition),2011,41(4):889-896.[doi:10.3969/j.issn.1001-0505.2011.04.043]





Green synthetic approaches of coordination polymers
Chen JinxiZhang Ruobing
(School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Southeast University, Nanjing 211189, China)
coordination polymers green chemistry solid-state reactions ultrasonic synthesis microwave synthesis
为了使配位聚合物能够得到高效、绿色化的制备,近几年来该化合物的合成中引入了微波法、超声波法、固相反应法等,相比常规的水热/溶剂热、扩散法等方法,这些方法具有高效、简便、绿色等优点.固相反应法可以快速、定量地生成产物,并且通过改变其反应条件实现对配位聚合物的控制合成; 微波法能够在很短的时间内制备出粒径可控的配位聚合物,也能产生适于X射线衍射分析的单晶; 超声波法适于高效制备纳米配位聚合物.几种方法在合成不同的配位聚合物时各具优势,但目前也存在一些局限性,固相反应法和超声波法所得产物晶体结构的确定、利用绿色合成方法对配位聚合物进行控制合成等是这些方法的研究难点,也是未来的研究重点.
Green synthetic approaches, such as solid-state reaction synthesis, microwave synthesis and ultrasonic synthesis are employed in recent years to prepare coordination polymers, which are more efficient, convenient, and environment-friendly than conventional methods. The solid-state reaction synthesis is able to produce products quickly in a quantitative manner, and by adjusting the reaction conditions, rational control can be achieved. Thus specific attention is given to this approach as it is a promising way toward green chemistry. Microwave synthesis produces size-controllable coordination polymers within a very short time, and allows the formation of single crystals suitable for X-ray diffraction studies. Nanosized coordination polymers can be obtained by ultrasonic synthesis efficiently. However, some limitations to these methods do exist at present. Determination of crystal structure of new compounds produced by the solid-state reaction and ultrasonic synthesis, as well as the designed and controlled synthesis of novel coordination polymers using these methods, remain challenging.


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