Ke Shitang,Xu Lu.Analysis on aerodynamic performance of large wind turbine system considering mesoscale typhoon effect[J].Journal of Southeast University (Natural Science Edition),2019,49(2):340-347.[doi:10.3969/j.issn.1001-0505.2019.02.020]





Analysis on aerodynamic performance of large wind turbine system considering mesoscale typhoon effect
南京航空航天大学土木工程系, 南京 210016; 南京航空航天大学江苏省风力机设计高技术研究重点实验室, 南京 210016
Ke Shitang Xu Lu
Department of Civil Engineering, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nanjing 210016, China
Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Hi-Tech Research for Wind Turbine Design, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nanjing 210016, China
风力机 中小尺度嵌套 大涡模拟 停机位置 气动性能
wind turbine meso- and micro-scale nesting large eddy simulation stopping position aerodynamic performance
为系统研究台风作用下风力机体系的气动性能与风效应特性,引入考虑真实台风场强变异性和衰减效应的中尺度天气预报模式对台风“鹦鹉”进行高时空分辨率模拟.基于最小海平面气压追踪的台风中心路径与实测路径的对比结果,验证模拟的有效性.以中国东南沿海地区某风电厂5 MW水平轴风力机为对象,结合小尺度CFD大涡模拟技术对叶片单个旋转周期不同停机位置工况进行三维非定常数值模拟.结果表明,采用WRF模式可以有效模拟近地面台风风场,拟合的台风剖面指数为0.076.台风下叶片和塔架的脉动和极值风压系数显著增大,最大增幅达29%.台风作用下叶片与塔架完全重合时为最不利情况,旋转至上叶片完全重合时安全余度最大.
To systematically study the aerodynamic performance and wind effect characteristics of the wind turbine system under the action of typhoon, a mesoscale weather forecast model considering the actual typhoon field strength variability and the attenuation effect was introduced to simulate the typhoon parrot with high spatial and temporal resolution. Based on the comparison between the simulated typhoon center path and the measured one, the validity of the medium-scale typhoon parrot simulation was verified. By taking the 5 MW horizontal axis wind turbine of a wind power plant in southeast coastal area of China as an object, the three-dimensional unsteady numerical simulation was carried out at different stopping positions of the blade in a single rotation cycle by using the CFD(computational fluid dynamics)large-eddy simulation technology. The results show that the wind field of near-surface typhoons can be effectively simulated by using the WRF(weather research and forecasting)model, and the fitting typhoon profile index is 0.076. The pulsation and the extreme wind pressure coefficient of blades and towers increase significantly, and the maximum increase reaches 29%. Under the action of typhoon, it is the most unfavorable when the lower blade completely coincides with the tower frame. When the rotating top blade completely coincides with the tower frame, the safety margin is the largest.


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