Wang Qi,Shi Lei,Yang Xiaoli,et al.Effects of waste biomass on nitrogen and phosphorus removal of ecological bag[J].Journal of Southeast University (Natural Science Edition),2021,(1):138-144.[doi:10.3969/j.issn.1001-0505.2021.01.019]





Effects of waste biomass on nitrogen and phosphorus removal of ecological bag
东南大学土木工程学院, 南京 211189
Wang Qi Shi Lei Yang Xiaoli Zhou Shijuan Li Qiuhong
School of Civil Engineering, Southeast University, Nanjing 211189, China
生态袋 生物质钙化物 农业废弃物 脱氮除磷
ecological bag biomass calcium agricultural wastes nitrogen and phosphorus removal
针对传统生态袋脱氮除磷效果不佳的问题,对添加废弃生物质(生物质钙化物和农业废弃物)的生态袋强化水质净化的效果进行研究.通过物化特性分析和磷吸附试验,筛选出磷吸附效果最佳的生物质钙化物,然后将其与经碱处理的农业废弃物(稻草、丝瓜络和玉米芯)同时加入生态袋袋体中,考察废弃生物质对水体的净化效果和对微生物群落结构的影响,并进行示范工程应用.结果表明:牡蛎壳磷吸附效果最佳,且最适投加量为50 g/L;稻草耦合生态袋强化水体净化效果最明显,对化学需氧量(COD)、总氮(TN)、氨氮(NH+4-N)、总磷(TP)的平均去除率分别达63.7%、82.7%、78.4%和65.1%;废弃生物质促进了Planctomycetes、ChloroflexiNitrospirae等富集生长,有益于脱氮效果的提升.示范工程建成后水体水质整体达地表水环境质量 Ⅲ 类,该技术在农村水环境整治方面具有应用前景.
In view of the poor effect of nitrogen and phosphorus removal in traditional ecological bags, the effect of water purification enhanced by adding waste biomass(biomass calcium and agricultural wastes)to ecological bags was studied. Based on the analysis of physicochemical characteristics and the phosphorus adsorption test, the biomass calcium with the best phosphorus adsorption potential was screened out, and then added into the ecological bag together with the alkali-treated agricultural wastes(rice straw, loofah and corn cob). The purification effect of the waste biomass on water body and its influence on microbial community structure were investigated, and the application of the demonstration project was carried out. The results show that the oyster shell has the best phosphorus adsorption efficiency and the optimal dosage is 50 g/L. The straw-coupled ecological bag enhances water purification performance with the most obvious effect, and the average removal rates of chemical oxygen demand(COD), total nitrogen(TN), ammonia(NH+4-N), and total phosphorus(TP)are 63.7%, 82.7%, 78.4%, and 65.1%, respectively. The waste biomass promotes rich growth in Planctomycetes, Chloroflexi and Nitrospirae, it is beneficial to the improvement of nitrogen removal effect. After the completion of the demonstration project, the water quality of the water body as a whole reaches the surface water environment quality class Ⅲ. The technology has the application prospect in the rural water environment improvement.


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